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Case study of Google Maps entry of Mitahara

Sukaone got the opportunity of creating a Google Maps entry for the brand Mitahara, a healthy meal and lifestyle consultant. This brand was founded by Gunjan who is a trained nutritionist. We had suggested the idea of marking on Google Maps so that the reach of Google can be leveraged to get a wider audience.

Marking and arrival of code

After taking the details of the business we entered the basic data on Google My Business website on 27 Sep 2021. It took 12 days for the code to arrive by post. We have roughly 80% success rate of receiving the code. In case of some businesses we were not able to receive the code no matter how much we tried. Right now there is no way to reach out to Google Support if the code does not arrive at all despite repeated attempts.

On 9th Oct 2021 the code arrived and the business listing was verified. The location is still not live on Google Maps so we are unable to generate the link for reviews. This is the cooling off period when the business listing is undergoing mandatory checks.

Target plan for Mitahara

There shall be a three pronged approach for making this entry viable and visible.

  • Ask for reviews from clients of Mitahara
  • Update the products which this brand has to offer
  • Post content on Google Maps

Every brand owner has just one requirement with any online presence. Lead generation and client conversion. So this is the target where we shall keep our focus on number of phone calls and direct messages on Google Maps. Google My Business analytics show us all these events.

Creation of free website within Google My Business

One of the powerful features of Google My Business is the free single page website. It is a simple block based drag and drop system with content getting picked up from Google Map automatically. The website design is focused on just one thing, get maximum customer enquiries.

We tried to get the website name Mitahara but it was already taken. A quick search on Google Maps reveals that there are a lot of business with the name Mitahara and all of them are about diet and nutrition. So this is going to be a challenge to rank this entry. As it is there is a crowd of business and brand which are competing space. But we do love challenges.

The domain name is a subdomain of business(.)site. However you can buy a custom domain from Google Domains and link it with this website. You also get a free SSL certificate for life. This is really a good deal from Google.

Watch this space for more updates…