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The urge of getting a wow factor in an Instagram account

We recently encountered a client who said the deadly phrase to us ‘I want a wow factor in my Instagram account’. Interestingly she had never used these lines earlier else we would have dropped the client like a hot potato. For a freelancing SEO & SMO advisor nothing can be more dreadful than a lost client looking for a wow factor.

Why ‘wow factor’ is such a dread

As a digital marketing expert you might hear such a statement from your client. If you try to probe in with a few question you will get evasive and generic answers. There is no clarity on the data and the source. Questions about content is also met with the same response. At the end, the client always emphasises the wow factor part.

What is the meaning of ‘wow factor’

wow factor

After getting the required details from the client, you try to sit back and plan for the content. But the ‘wow factor’ demand of the client is still at the back of your mind. As you try to plan a strategy to bring in the wow factor in the client account, you will feel as if being pushed into an abyss.

At this point do not make the mistake of getting back to the client. Because the client does not have any idea of the meaning of wow. It is just a catchy word, easy to sound and speak. The word in itself means a lot to the client but is meaningless to you. How will you understand the wow part when the client themselves do not have any idea.

Wow factor is an excuse

The truth is that clients who ask for wow factors do not intent to put in any effort in their brand. Many brand owners create an enterprise because they have got bored with mundane life. Owners neither have the commitment nor the capability of running a brand. But today anyone can start a small business. It is only after quite a while when people realise that the brand is not build for the long haul.

Brand building is hard work. Content planning and presentation requires lots of effort. No shortcuts here. But what will the digital marketing expert do when there is no involvement from the client side. Many clients will frustrate you without providing any specific inputs on content. They will keep delaying deadlines so that they escape from the hard work. Finally when you plan the content and post, the client will reject it citing lack of wow factor. You will end up doing all the hard work on behalf of the client and will not get any appreciation in return.

Where are the leads

After stalling on the content and planning, the client moves over to the next thing on agenda, leads. Now the situation these days is that original and well researched content is loved by the audience. Content with wow factor has a huge entertainment value. But it fails to get genuine leads from customers. People are happy watching wow content and then they more to the next post. When people are looking for solutions to specific problems, the social media platforms only serve them informative posts.

In the dilemma between understanding the client and serving wow content the brand suffers and lead generation becomes difficult. All this while the client keeps pressing for the wow factor.

Nothing wrong with me, you are the problem

The final stage of this drama is where the client starts placing blame on everything else except the wow plan. At this point the client cites various problems with the posts, content, posting, sharing and almost everything that you are doing. If you have still not disconnect with this client, do it now. Because from here on the client is convinced that you are the person who has been doing damage from the beginning.

Remedial action

By this time it is too late to react but you need to follow some ground rules set right from the beginning.

Lay down the terms and conditions in clear and specific terms. Even if you note them down, chances are the client will retract or deny that these terms were agreed upon. So making an agreement just on phone call will not suffice. You need to put things in writing.

Close down all avenues of the blame. Your client will try to find some way to pin it on you. A possible way is to create a WhatsApp group or record all progress in a Google Document. Keep things clear at all times.

Keep a regularly updated progress report. Once a month is fine but ensure that all targets laid down by the client are met. If targets need revision get back to the client in time.

Brand owners have one thing in mind, customers. Whatever the content, it has to be aimed at getting more enquiries for your client. Very few clients are appreciative of your work, rest are looking for an excuse to point out problems in your work. Your content plan and presentation has to be aimed at partial lead generation too. Good content is a sure contender to get enquiries.